Trials, Appeals & Arbitration

Bob Allen is first and foremost an accomplished litigator. His interest in litigation stemmed early in his upbringing from experiencing the enjoyment and passion to the craft demonstrated by his father, the renown Kirkland & Ellis and Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon (now Edwards Wildman & Palmer) litigator Tom Allen. Immediately after his clerkship on the Texas Supreme Court, Bob worked at Vial Hamilton Koch & Knox, a Dallas firm known for its active trial and appeal practice. His choice of that firm perfectly fit into to his professional aspirations in that he had a second chair trial within six months and a first chair trial within a year of joining Vial Hamilton and his trial docket has remained extremely active during his 11 1/2 years at Vial Hamilton, into his decade at Baker & McKenzie and beyond to this day. Additionally, Bob has enjoyed tremendous experience handling and arguing appeals and in fact satisfied the Civil Appellate Board Certification requirement of arguing 12 appeals by 1989, a mere five years after being licensed and only four years after entering the private practice of law after his judicial clerkship.

In addition to trying over 20 cases to verdict or the court, Bob has handled TRO and Injunction proceedings and scores of other evidentiary based court hearings. His appellate arguments number close to 40, as well as Bob arguing dozens of contested pre-trial and post-trial hearings on dispositive motions, discovery disputes and other issues. As an active litigator, Bob has taken and defended hundreds of depositions. Bob is very comfortable in court and in all types of contested proceedings.


Bob Allen is often chosen by parties to serve as an Arbitrator or an Umpire in disputes resolved in Arbitration. Now that he is practicing in a smaller firm, Bob’s practice is well suited to take on Arbitrator and Umpire assignments.

Arbitration Panels
  • In the Matter of the Arbitration between American Homestar Corporation and Starr Indemnity and Liability Company. Appointed Arbitrator by Starr Indemnity and Liability Company.
  • In the Matter of the Arbitration of Ranger Insurance Company and Employers Reinsurance Corporation. v. HCC Aviation Insurance Group, Inc. and Universal Loss Management, Inc. Appointed Arbitrator by Employers Reinsurance Corporation.
  • In the Matter of the Arbitration between Earth Resource Management and ACE/Pacific Employers. Neutral Umpire.
  • In the Matter of the Arbitration of Hunsacker Truck Lease, Inc. and Clarendon American Insurance Group. Appointed Arbitrator by Clarendon American Insurance Group.
  • In the Matter of the Arbitration of Millers Casualty Insurance Company of Texas v. Swiss Re. Appointed Arbitrator by Millers Casualty Insurance Company of Texas.