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Paige Pace Allen Joins Firm. Name Changes to The Allen Law Group

Paige, who is Board Certified in Personal Injury Law, brings her 30 plus years of experience in tort litigation to The Allen Law Group. She has tried over 20 cases to a jury verdict along with at least as many arbitrations, bench trials and cases that settle during trial. Currently, Paige is handling a variety of construction related personal injury and property damage claims. Prior to joining The Allen Law Group, Paige ran the Dallas office of a Chicago-based law firm.

Firm founder Bob Allen says: “It is great to combine practices with my wife Paige. Her tort litigation practice compliments my coverage, commercial and appellate litigation practices perfectly. At this stage of our careers, it is very gratifying to create a tort and insurance boutique, allowing us to provide the highest levels of service in our areas of specialty in a comfortable, professional and low overhead environment.”