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Bob Allen Guides Ace European to a Rare 91a Dismissal. Judge Awards Fees.

In a classic forum battle pitting a first filed Texas action against a California action over the same transaction, Bob Allen, working with Clyde & Co., secured a dismissal of a Dallas suit for declaratory judgment brought by Ringler & Associates in deference to a subsequently filed suit for damages brought by ACE European and other London based Underwriters against Ringler in Orange County California. The suits involve whether Ringler is responsible for the acts of its former Dallas-based agent, who instead of purchasing annuities to finance long term disability payments to employees of the United Nations, used the funds (totaling in the millions) to finance a Ponzi-scheme.


LORDA Defeats a GC's Attempt to Obtain AI Coverage from Sub's Insurer

Galveston Federal Magistrate John R. Froeschner held oral arguments on March 11 and then two days later he issued a Memorandum Order recommending the granting of LORDA's client Selective Insurance Company of South Carolina's motion for summary judgment in a coverage dispute arising from a lawsuit over bodily injuries and a death at a construction site. When the General Contractor sought coverage as an Additional Insured under the Selective liability policy issued to one of the subcontractors, this coverage litigation ensued. Selective and the General Contractor then filed competing summary judgment motions on whether Selective owes the General Contractor a duty to defend in the underlying bodily injury/wrongful death lawsuit.


LORDA Wins a $27,605 Attorneys Fees Sanction for Client due to Opponent's Obstruction of the Discovery Process

On Christmas Eve, U.S. Magistrate Judge David A. Horan issued a Memorandum Order awarding LORDA clients Peter Denton and Harvest Investors, LP $27,605 in attorney's fees as a Fed. R. Civ. P. 37(a)(5) Sanction because of their opponent's failure to produce documents in a complex international collection action emanating from a multi-million dollar Swiss Arbitration Award that was confirmed to a U.S. Judgment. The creditor, Rudolph Suter, has attempted to avoid payment of his debt by moving from Switzerland to Dallas where he is the CEO of an Optical Company and in so doing committed the discovery abuse leading to the Sanction.


Bob Allen to Speak at the ABA Litigation Section Insurance Coverage Conference in Tucson

On March 5, 2015 at the Annual Conference in Tucson, Bob will be a panelist presenting "Give & Take: The Battle Over Defense Dollars." This panel will cover (a) the initial negotiation between carrier and policyholder regarding defense, rates and potential impact on later reimbursement; (b) managing the defense process – frustrations and tips from policyholder and insurer; and (c) strategies in pursing and defending actions for reimbursement of defense and indemnity amounts.


Bob Allen Named to the Faculties of the 2014 University of Texas Insurance Law Seminar and the 29th American Conference Institute's National Forum on Bad Faith Claims Litigation.

At the University of Texas Insurance Law Seminar, to be held on November 13-14, 2014 at the Cityplace Conference Center in Dallas, Bob will be speaking on "Why You Should Care About Gilbert, Ewing and Lennar Outside of the Construction Context." At the American Conference Institute's Bad Faith Claims Litigation National Forum, on November 18-19, 2014 in Orlando, Bob will present the Texas portion of "Review of This Year’s Key Cases, Emerging Trends, Hotbed Jurisdictions and What to Expect for 2015."


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