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Law Offices of Robert D Allen Celebrates its First Anniversary

It has been a great year. With technology and my supporting lawyers, legal assistant and secretary, I was able to pick up right where I left off from the big firms. In addition to an active docket in state, federal and bankruptcy courts all over Texas, I acted as lead counsel in litigation in Colorado, Oklahoma and Mississippi and for coverage issues involving non Texas claims.

Looking to grow, I welcome your interest in my practice and invite you to call or email me to see if we can be of service. Click on the icon to note some of our accomplishments in Year One  .

As we moved in November, please note my current work contact information. I hope our paths cross soon.

Best Regards,
Bob Allen
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Law Offices of Robert D. Allen, PLLC
10440 North Central Expressway
Suite 1450
Dallas, TX 75231

Off: 214-891-5960
Fax: 214-891-5966


LORDA Client Wins Order from Federal Magistrate Forbidding Opposing Counsel from Withdrawing to Avoid Delay, Disruption and Prejudice

On October 2, 2013, Dallas Federal Magistrate David L. Horan ruled that counsel for the Defendant, a Swiss national owing over $2 million on a US Judgment, could not withdraw from the case; notwithstanding not being paid, because "the Court must balance Defendant's Counsel's hardship with the efficient administration if the case, the interest of judgment and prejudice to Plaintiffs." Denton v. Suter, 2013 WL 5477155 (N.D. Tex. Oct. 2, 2013)


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Robert D. Allen
Law Offices of Robert D. Allen, PLLC
10440 N. Central Expy. Suite 1450
Dallas, TX 75231

Phone: (214) 891-5960
Fax: (214) 891-5966
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